How to handle your files with Dubidot


  • Web-based standard software for Digital Asset Management
  • Customizing the GUI to corporate design
  • All digital media at one place
  • Overview of all the media files
  • Consistent and reliable data archiving
  • Uniform indexing
  • Any number of languages
  • Access to approved and current files
  • Controlled media access
  • Global availability 24 hours, 365 days via Internet


  • Single Upload
  • Bulk Upload by any server, e.g. FTP
  • Extract Zip file while uploading
  • Upload by iPhone
  • Drag & Drop by WebDAV
  • Automatic categorization by IPTC values
  • Automatic creation of derivatives

Indexing (Attributes)

  • Read-out of technical metadata
  • Descriptive metadata
  • Free text (short text and long text fields)
  • Value Domains and nested value domains
  • Legal Metadata
  • Indexing video keyframes


  • Single and multiple selection
  • Edit Video – In, Out, format conversions
  • Edit Image – Crop and resize images, format conversions
  • Replacing original files, versioning
  • Mass indexing by Excel sheets
  • Referencing media files
  • Creating links (files/folders - files/folders)
  • Advanced Edit: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Soft Delete, Move to


  • Full-text search
  • Advanced Search (by values for attributes and for controlled vocabulary within value domains)
  • Full-text search within documents like PDF
  • Smart folders


  • Direct Download (original, preview or derivatives)
  • Download function with e-mail notification
  • Send link and send link to friend (E-Mail to unregistered users)

Share / Communication channels

  • via WebServices (standard interface and RSS – completely free in design)
  • iFrame solution (download pages like press- and partner area)
  • Interface to many Web Content Management and Document Management Systems
  • Show of selected files (images and video) as business TV and E-learning platform
  • Digital Signage – digital advertising and communication at the Point of Sale